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“Arixa Capital Advisors is an investment management firm and my role with the firm is investor relations and marketing. I have worked with Eric on several graphic design projects, creating marketing collateral to appeal to high net worth individuals as well as  institutional investors. Eric also designed our website, which is incredible. Eric’s work is superb with respect to design and attention to detail. It has been difficult finding people who have standards high enough to work with us. If you are a company with high standards like ours, you will find it a pleasure working with Eric. Additionally, he is very attentive to our needs even though we are on the west coast and he is on the east coast. If I send Eric a project in the evening it is often in my inbox waiting for me the next morning.

For internal political reasons and due to concerns about geography we have tried other designers on a couple of occasions to disastrous effect. We turned back to Eric to salvage both of these projects, which he did with alacrity and professionalism. I will continue to use Eric for my graphic design needs due to his superb work product, responsiveness and professionalism. Good people are hard to find and Eric is good people.”

Kevin Zvargulis
Arixa Capital Advisors


“We have been working with Eric Michalowsky and Empower Graphics since December of 2007. It was very important to my company that we find someone who was not only creative, brand aware and in tune with our corporate goals but also someone we could count on to produce our creative on time and to strict budget constraints. After battling with a “big firm” who seemed to drop the ball and not give us the attention we deserved, Eric was like a breath of fresh air. Suddenly work was being completed far ahead of schedule and to our specifications. Eric has partnered with us to create everything necessary for not only 2 retail location openings but also all the marketing materials and collateral we have needed for the franchise division of our company. His knowledge of, and adherence to, appropriate branding guidelines and procedures has ensured our brand remains strong and as originally intended. I would highly recommend Eric and Empower Graphics.”

Nicole Johnson
Cool Yogurt/That Cool Yogurt Company


“Eric opened my eyes a few years ago to the benefits of freelance graphic design. I was trying to hire a new designer after my staff designer resigned, and Eric gave me pause when he said he could help, but only as a freelancer.

His response time, design quality, and attention to detail forced me to abandon my search for a permanent designer.

I was anxious that the 3-hour time difference would be problematic, but that has not been the case.  In fact, more often than not, I’m able to wake up in California to new design changes waiting for me in my inbox.”

Greyson Prinzing
Riot Creative Imaging


“Eric Michalowsky has done great work for our companies! He has designed logos, advertisements and business cards for us. In addition, he upgraded our web site. Eric consistently provides excellent advice and more importantly he provides exceptional design services. Working with Eric, I feel like I’m getting the creativity of a large advertising firm. Eric is very responsive and turns around our design requests very quickly. I highly recommend Eric Michalowsky and Empower Graphics.”

Jeffrey Kramer, CPA
Kramer Weisman and Associates, LLP


“As the owner of a small business that is growing very quickly, it becomes very hard to focus on every detail of the business, yet it is important to feel comfortable that everything is under control and being taken care of the way that you want. It was hard to find a graphic designer that works for me and really listens to what I need rather than doing what they think is best for our business, until I met Eric, and started working with Empower Graphics. Eric really listens, and I know if I ask him to help me get something done that I don’t have to worry about it again. He works fast, is very detail oriented and has gone above and beyond on every project that we have worked on together. It has really been a pleasure working with Empower Graphics, and we look forward to continuing the relationship as we continue to grow our business.”

Gino Martignetti
General Manager
Simply Organic


“I started a pet business a year ago and hired Eric and his team to develop my company name, design all my stationery, catalogs and the website for Fleabag Designs Inc. He then helped me with another venture – Cotton Candy Promotions. His work is clean, it’s creative and he’s very detailed. He puts a lot of care and personal attention into all his projects. Eric’s been a real pleasure to work with and the best part is we both work from each of our own offices. We’ve never had to have a meeting in person, which saved me a lot of time as my office is located in the southwest. He comes highly recommended in my opinion!”

Lori Marohnic
Fleabag Designs, Inc.


“To all the lucky souls and corporations that get the opportunity to work with Eric, at Empower Graphics, count your decision to work with him as the best business decision you can make regarding the image of your company!! After forty years in the professional beauty and music industries, and working with designers such as Calvin Klein, Sam Brocato, Graham Webb and Robert Taylor – industry icons – I must say Eric’s creativity, attention to detail, and his tell-it-like-it-is attitude and honest feedback is unique. His outstanding work is always on time and he goes the extra mile every time!! People like this don’t exist anymore in business!!! Eric has inspired me to create again… I would, with extreme confidence, recommend Eric to anyone who is searching for excellence in the graphic design field – excellence in design and image, and more important, an honest man!!”

Gene Martignetti
MariaMaira Music/Beauty, SoBe Beauty Services


“Thank you for the outstanding work and client service we received. Your guidance and candidness was greatly appreciated. Finally, a team who placed our best interests above their own bottom line. The work produced was top-shelf and the service we received was excellent. We would highly recommend your firm as we believe you are head and shoulders above the rest!”

David Hausdorff
South Beach Supplements


“I have been a graphic design client of Empower Graphics and Eric Michalowsky, in multiple businesses, for over 12 years. In those years, his modus operandi of under-promising and over-delivering has kept Eric as our design firm of choice. We hope to enjoy our mutually beneficial relationship for years to come. The Empower Graphics team understands our needs, initially prepares a few different samples to zero in on our particular requirements and desires, and then completes the project with effective-out-of-the-box thinking. We really appreciate their resourcefulness, prompt service and the knowledge that they will get the job done, on time and within budget. Thanks, Empower Graphics and good luck in your new endeavors.”

Jonny Girson
The Learning Tree


“Brilliantly creative, refuses to disappoint, a pleasure to work with.”

Olga Sanz
NuTush, Inc.


“DiveWise is an organization I founded after nearly losing my two sons to freediver blackout two years ago. Working to reduce fatal blackout incidents worldwide became my new mission in life, and I knew that to be successful I would need to create an organization and a brand that could effectively communicate my message.
From the beginning of this project I sought the expert branding and graphic design talent of Eric Michalowsky at Empower Graphics. I attribute a lot of the success of DiveWise to Eric’s work on everything from our logo to the magazine ads, which have appeared in publications around the world. I get a lot of terrific compliments to the DiveWise website from divers and dive experts worldwide.
This year I was the National Award recipient from the National Water Safety Congress for my work in promoting water safety. I know, without a doubt, this is largely due to Eric’s involvement in our freedive safety campaign. I love working with Eric because, although he is artistic, he works well collaboratively. He is upbeat and makes every job fun. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, in my opinion, is what sets him apart from the competition.
Honestly, I would never consider working with anyone else.”

Julie Richardson
Founder/Executive Director


Random thought: Why is 'phonics' not spelled the way it sounds?

Random Thought:

Why is 'bra' singular while 'panties' are plural?