I have always thought that logos should have a double meaning – if it can have an initial or letters from the actual company (thereby personalizing it) incorporated into some kind of graphic that shows what the company does, then it’s a success! I came across this page the other day and love most of these logos: Clever Logos with Hidden Symbolism

Below are logos that I have created that follow a similar theme:

Empower Graphics Logo
My own company logo is one of my favorites with “hidden symbolism” – although it’s simply a cool graphic that looks like a Chinese lantern, it is actually made up of an intertwining “e” (for Empower) and “g” (for Graphics). Cool, huh??

corPersona Logo
Another of my favorites – the corPersona logo is made up of a “C” for the company name that is also a hand/fingers holding/painting with the paintbrush – thereby implying what corPersona does – design.

Financial Edge Logo
This is an interesting one – if you view this logo from the southeast, you will see an “F” (black – for Financial) and an “E” (green – for Edge) but if you look from the southwest, you will see a bar chart rising to indicate the symbolism of day-trading – what Financial Edge does.

The Honors Logo

A nice and simple graphic depicting an apple (a universal symbol for teaching) with a very stylistic “h” (for Honors) in blue on the right hand side. The Honors is a tutoring program for school children.


National Humane Society Logo

This one could very well be my favorite logo ever! Although it does not portray any initials or letters, we do have the heart for loving and caring and the floppy ear as a symbol of animals or dogs to be more specific. I love the way this logo implies the organization’s love of animals in a very simple, effective graphic.


Mikmul Properties Logo

A simple graphic showing the two “M’s” for Mik-Mul that also implies buildings – the organization’s line of work.



Michael Weissman and Associates Logo

Very subtle but effective graphic – the top half is an “M” for Michael, while the lower half is the “W” for Weissman. They have been put together to form an interpretation of the infinity symbol – a great image for a business consulting firm.


One Button Access Logo

One of the first companies to emerge to help users access the internet, way in the beginning – implying that access can be achieved through one button. The graphic symbolizes a “button” as in one found on a shirt and implies it’s a safe door, allowing access to vast fortunes and new worlds (the image of space) – the internet.


Atlantic Blue Logo

Another representation of the infinity symbol, this time made up of a lower case “A” (for Atlantic) and a lower case “B” (for Blue).


Blooms and Baskets Logo

Another simple graphic of a butterfly whose wings are actually the initials of the company – two “B’s” for Blooms and Baskets. I thought the butterfly was a good recognizable symbol that would work well for a florist.