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For the past several years, I have added space planning to my graphics repertoire. Although I have space planned high-rise building space for clients such as First Interstate Bank in downtown Los Angeles, and warehouse/manufacturing spaces for clients such as American Products, this latest space planning has been specifically for Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) franchises.

Before any OTF center can be built-out and opened, the prospective franchisee owners need to know if the space at which they are looking will actually work. That’s where I come in – I take the CAD floor plans (and can recreate the plans if necessary) and, using OTF corporate specifications, lay out the center. This includes an enclosed area for the reception area/offices/bathrooms and the actual gym area. Based upon actual equipment sizes, in association with specific parameters from corporate (like architectural code, sound insulation, distance between machines, need for a machine to face a wall, etc.), I try and fit as many pieces of each of the three types of equipment in the space provided. Finally my years of working for an architect in L.A. has borne fruit!

Eric, Thank you for all you have done for us! We got approval because of the work you did.
Kevin Hart, OTF Franchisee

In addition to the actual floor plans, I can also show prospective landlords what the exterior of the space may look like once the gym has been built and is operational. For example, one of my franchisee clients wanted to rent space from a landmark protected building. In order to get the outside graphics approved by the landlord and applicable committee, I added black awnings and showed how it would look with the OTF logo emblazoned thereupon – see below.



Another example is this one from Third Avenue in New York. It is a prestigious building whose management wanted to have some idea of what the location would look like once Orange Theory has moved in. This gave them a pretty good idea…

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